A gift

Spring will always be my absolute favorite season of the year.  The blooms that return year after year never cease to amaze and delight.  It's the miracle of our earth's rhythms when the tiny dormant seeds awake after their frosty, peaceful sleep.  They stretch, and reach, and unfurl their glory, again.  The trees shake off Winter's heavy coat and adorn themselves with bright, showy colors, as if they're on their way to a grand ball where they'll dance the night away.  It gets me every. single. time.  

I couldn't help but take a morning to soak in all of Spring's abundant return.  I watched as the birds busied themselves, singing and building, singing and flitting about, nose to the task.  The hummingbirds are back, too, after their long journey.  Listening to their signature hum as they buzz in and out of the garden to feed and then back to the tall treetops.  And talk of signature hums, the bees are in full orchestra, putting on a concert - jam session style!  Heaven.  This must be what heaven is like, I've decided.   

I took my ol' trusty friend for a garden walk because, well, I want to remember how the colors look bouncing off the light and the celebration that Nature's singing joyously, proudly, fervently that the sun, (that glorious, wonderful star of ours!) has returned and melted away the dingy grays.    

Please, friends, help yourself to the images within this collection.  If you'd like a new wallpaper image for your phone or computer background.  Or even for your Google Gmail account or similar.  Wherever you choose, these images are my gift to you.  They are much too small to print, though, but if you'd like to brighten up your online space, please help yourself to do just that.  I hope you'll enjoy!!  :)    

my gift to you (c)my3girlsphotography
my gift to you (c)my3girlsphotography
my gift to you (c)my3girlsphotography
my gift to you (c)my3girlsphotography
my gift to you (c)my3girlsphotography
my gift to you (c)my3girlsphotography
my gift to you (c)my3girlsphotography

Wishing you a beautiful Spring of celebrations and a Happy Mother's Day!!


Five Frames for Friday

The family and I kicked off summer vacation with a visit to Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster.  The shows and rides were a sweet treat for us all!  The expert divers in The Princess and the Frog show made quite a splash!!  It was more than welcomed since temperatures were summer-like, in the low 90s.  A Wonder-full day was had by all!  

Dutch Wonderland's gardens were also quite the treat!  The beautiful roses that followed us all over the park were in full bloom.   

Speaking of blooms!  The catalpa trees (aka cigar tree) are in full bloom!  How I've never taken closer notice of their almost orchid-like blooms I have no idea!  They are sweetly scented and breathtaking!! 

My hydrangeas did not bloom last year - possibly due to the harsh winter, or they didn't get enough hydration in early spring.  I'm not completely sure why, but am SO HAPPY to report that they are all budding and bursting forth like the beautiful mopheads they are joyfully known to be.  Oh, happiness!!      

The sunsets have been amazing lately!  Seems that summer is actually here to stay - for now.  Yay for summertime beauty!! 

Wishing you a happy Friday and weekend ahead!  Keep your eyes pealed for all the beauty that surrounds you each day.  Thanks for stopping by, my friends.  :) the end of the day...

As Margaret Atwood has famously said, “In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt."  

Check.  And it's only midday.    

The weather has been cool and rainy here lately.  So, when I noticed the sun was shining, I took a walk through my yard with my macro lens and, coincidentally, I now smell of dirt.  I love springtime (and dirt!)!!  

How about you?  How's your weather?  What's blooming in your yard?  Thanks for stopping by!!    

P.s. Happy birthday in heaven to my Great Aunt Helen!!  I'm certain she's keeping the angels in line.  <3  Love you, Aunt Helen!!  You're a shining star!