For the Love of Families

It’s been an unusual October so far! Normally, this time of year we’ve turned our heat on, we’re wearing jackets, shoes with socks instead of flip-flops and sweaters instead of t-shirts. Not only have we had some hot, steamy weather, with days reaching in the low 80s, we’ve also been unable to close our pool because the temps haven’t dropped enough. So… the girls and Kurt actually braved the chilly water for a quick dip this past weekend!! Me? I smiled and waved at them. ;)

The fall weather is due to set in this weekend with cooler, much cooler temps! I have to admit that I’ll happily welcome this change in the weather with woolen socks and a red, rosy nose and cheeks!! Yay, fall is on it’s way!! FINALLY!

Fall Minis On Location 2018.jpg

And with the fall weather, I’m welcoming families to join me for my annual Mini-Portrait Sessions. This year I’m hosting Lifestyle Portrait Sessions at French Creek State Park on October 20 & 21. If you’ve been waiting all year for these outdoor, on-location photography sessions than the time is now to secure your booking appointment with me! There’s still room for you. Here’s what I have available…

Lifestyle Family Photography

Saturday October 20
1pm (Reserved)
2pm (available)
3pm (available)

Sunday October 21

1pm (available)
2pm (Reserved)
3pm (Reserved)

Lifestyle Family Photography

The packages are “mini” in size and meant to be Family-friendly. Sometimes these minis are the perfect fit for the wee ones in your family. It’s just enough time to keep them engaged, have fun, capture your family’s memories without tiring everyone out in the process.

Fall Foliage Minis 2018.jpg

I am looking forward to seeing you, my friends, new and returning!! Please feel free to utilize the contact form below to reach out with your family’s info (tell me who I’ll be photographing), the date/time you prefer so we can start a plan! Thank you so much!!

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For the Love of Film

I just got my film scans back from my lab. . .


P.s. Images were produced with 400Kodak Black/White film, 85mm lens and my “new” Minolta camera and processed at MotoPhoto Lab in Reading, PA. Thanks, Sherry and team!

Summer Series | June Highlights

After I looked through my past few blog posts, it may seem to you that I’ve just been focused on planting and growing sunflowers (: Ha.  So not true.  Also… I noticed that I really need to update my blog more often.  Thanks, though, for sticking around and for being patient with me and my intermittent postings.  Must. Do. Better.  

To kick off my summer series (I’m giving it a try!), I decided to look back through my archives from June 2018.  And, just as I remember it to be, it was a beaut!  I forgot to tell y’all that I recently purchased a 35mm SLR Minolta Maxxum 600 film camera using a birthday gift card for Etsy from my sister!!  Thanks again, Laura!!  I’ve been having fun with it, too!  I’ve attached some images within this blog post of the first roll of film I shot this summer (so exciting!).  I’ll let you guess which are film and which are digitally produced.  

Kodak 400 film photo

We had special, honored guests stay with us over the Father’s Day weekend, my stepfather, John and stepmom, Kay.  You might remember them from our visit to Florida last March when we stayed with them in Englewood at their vacation home.  They also have a home in Nashville, Tennessee where they live most of the year and where I lived with John and my mother from about 1978 to 1983, give or take 6 months here or there.  It was fitting then that they spend Father’s Day weekend with us since I wanted to spoil my Papa John with lots of love for the occasion.  And give our beloved Kay some TLC, too.  We had such a fun time together: swimming in the chilly pool water, playing board games, eating lots of scrumptious meals and taking walks. 

Father's Day Weekend

On one such walk, we decided to let the girls ride their bikes as we ventured “down to The Farm.” My husband, Kurt grew up not far from where we live. Coincidence? I think not. He’s very close to his family and when time came for us to purchase a home, nothing suited him until… you guessed it, our current home of 19 years that’s roughly a half mile from his childhood family home, AKA “The Farm.” It’s a good thing I love him and his family dearly. I have the best in-laws a woman could ever ask for. True story.

Father's Day Weekend

We had such fun walking the property and around the large pond while exploring the beauty this property naturally inhabits. I can see why my husband loves this land and his childhood home so much. What a charmed life! Miss “Lacey” girl got in on the adventure and kept us company, taking dips in the creek and the pond, watching over us and the sheep.

Father's Day Weekend
Father's Day Weekend
Father's Day Weekend
Father's Day Weekend
Father's Day Weekend
Father's Day Weekend
Father's Day Weekend
20180616-DSC04596 for blog 2.jpg
Father's Day Weekend

My Papa John and Kay allowed me to make a portrait of them!! Well, I am kind of bossy when it comes to these sorts of things, but they kept their happy dispositions despite my insistence. Beautiful couple, wouldn’t you agree? They’ll be married 28 years this October. Crazy how fast the time goes! We love these two so incredibly much!!!

Father's Day Weekend

The girls on the “Wishing Rock.”

Kodak 400 film photo

After the long (err, short?) uphill walk back home, it was time for cooling off! Although, I think this image was actually shot the day after our walk, and on Father’s Day. Talk about being a good sport, Emilia is soaking her daddy with the cool (downright cold) water! He looks refreshed, though! What a life, a charmed life, indeed. (:

Kodak 400 film photo

I would be remiss if I didn’t post these smiles on their last day of school. Hint… these may have been shot with my new camera! I am loving the buttery bokeh results. I’m currently shooting a roll of B&W and I’ll have to share with you! Goals! :)

Kodak 400 film photos

It was a June to remember!! Many thanks to you, Papa John and Mama Kay for making the long journey to spend time with us over Father’s Day weekend. Any time we get to spend with you is always treasured, and most appreciated. <3 Come see us anytime!

Thanks to you, my friend, for stopping by! July highlights are coming up next! Wishing you ease in your day, sunshine on your back and joy in your heart. :)

Barbara Liszcz (c) My 3 Girls Photography

P.s. All film images were produced with Kodak 400 film and processed at MotoPhoto Lab in Reading, PA. Thanks, Sherry and team!