Friday's Five

Another whirlwind of a week it's been!  So many truly sublime, gifted moments from this past week to mention.  I must note that while I'm writing this, my windows are open, I can hear the birds singing, and smell the earthy warmth of spring.  Technically speaking, our calendar states that we are still in the winter season, however, since this week has been an invitation of springtime, and today's high temp will be 73f, I'd say our calendar and seasons are completely out of whack.  Yet... I won't complain.        

We had a beautiful Sunday with family - with some visiting from Maine!  After a rousing, delicious brunch together, we laced up our hiking shoes and hit the trails at Nolde Forest State Park.  What a memorable day together!  The girls loved having their cousin to practice witchy spells with (notice Alanna discovered a new wand).  Such a fun time!  It seems these relaxed days together are too far and few between.  It was a great day!  Thanks, Jeri, Zara, JoAnne & Jeff, for making it so fantastic!!  

Emilia's teacher made these beautiful, flower-adorned Minnie ears for her in anticipation of her upcoming trip to Disney!!  My goodness, this made me tear up with happiness!  Knowing firsthand how much work, planning and preparation are on a teacher's plate as it is, made this even more special to receive.  We are truly blessed with amazing teachers who go above and beyond!  All hail the teachers!!  Thank you so-so much, Mrs. Herbine!  We love you!!!  

Speaking of seasons and calendar all out of sorts, I have been busily cleaning up the garden beds.  I normally wouldn't be out raking, snipping and clearing until about the middle of March.  Not so this spring, ... err, winter.  The crocuses are preparing for their show!!  

News on my Marie Forleo scholarship entry -- I was not chosen to receive one this year.  I'm not sad about it and I cannot thank you all enough for your warm, thoughtful (generous) encouragement!!  I learned more about myself by pushing through my comfort zone and I'm glad I gave it a go!  I encourage you to view the winning scholarship recipients:  Marie Forleo's B-School .  There are some truly amazing business ideas formulating around the globe and to know that they will learn and grow along with the formidable B-School community makes me happy!!  And... my Alanna - who has a YouTube channel now and an email address (well, she's 11, so I guess it's time!) - left me a comment on my video that lifted me up to the clouds!!  To know that my girls love me, cheer me on in my efforts, is all the winning I'll ever need.

How was your week?  Did you do anything to push yourself out of your own comfort zone?  How's the weather in your part of the country?  Are you having an unusually early spring, too?!  Thanks, as always, for stopping by.  I always enjoy your comments and thank you for taking time to leave me such wonderful ones!  Thanks, friends!!!  Enjoy your weekend!!!