I entered the B-School Scholarship Contest!!

I just did something completely out of my comfort zone!  I made a video of myself, explaining who I am, what I do and why.  I cannot tell you this was easy for me, and this video is roughly the twentieth or so I made, as I attempted to sound professional, clear and not overly silly (even though I'm laughing at myself, I hope you won't notice).  Cringe!  Did anybody else enter Marie Forleo's B-School scholarship contest this year?!!  I sincerely hope upon a hope that I am chosen!  And if not, I've got a head start on my video making (ahem) skills for next February's entry!  ;)  I hope this brings you a smile, my friends!!  Wish me luck!!!!  I get extra points for "likes" and comments!!!  Please consider helping me out!  :)  And thanks!  

Best wishes and Luck to all the B-School scholarship entrants!