Happy Easter Greetings

I had big plans for my Easter post to share with you (had being the key word here).  I was to join friends on Good Friday at Longwood Gardens and I was going to overload your screen with springtime flowers aplenty!!!  It all looked lovely in my mind, however, a bug caught hold of me and I ended up in bed most of the day.  Whatever strain of nastiness that knocked me out felt suspiciously flu-like.  Thankfully, I'm upright today and taking care of all things Easter for our girls and our upcoming family festivities.  

All day my pretty, workhorse of a camera kept calling to me.  That little voice wouldn't let go to make some springtime Easter photos to share.  When the twilight sky turned all hues of pink, I grabbed my faithful companion and out we went (tissues neatly tucked in my pockets).  Some of the best plans don't end up working out perfectly, but they ultimately come along in their exact perfect timing. 

Wishing you a joyful Easter full of sweet surprises, a childlike wonder to keep you curious and gratitude to fill your soul...  Stay healthy, my friends and beloved ones.  And above all, know how much you are deeply, infinitely loved - Jesus told me so.