lifestyle portrait Photographer & Art educator, Barbara Liszcz

Family and Child Photographer, Barbara Liszcz

After more than a decade in the travel industry, first working for Amtrak, and then for various corporate travel agencies, as they say, the ‘handwriting was on the wall.’ The industry seemingly changed over night after that dreadful, horrific day, September 11, 2001. That tragic event changed my life forever and set me on a path I would not have ever dreamed possible, and which has led me to where I am today. With a grateful heart, these are snippets of my story…

In 2002, I left the corporate world and took a leap of faith. I returned to the classroom as a non-traditional college student; juggling a home, momming a pre-teen daughter and wifing my adoring hubby. I simultaneously opened my first business, "The Busy Bee," in a local antique co-op selling vintage goods, art and antiques. My little corner shop taught me a lot, however short lived it turned out to be.

After obtaining my teaching degree, subsequently teaching within a local school system, and growing our little family by another daughter, I opened an in-home Montessori style daycare called, "The Busy Bees Montessori Daycare" in 2007. Again, my small venture taught me many things and welcomed many new friends into my heart, however, the doors closed when we prepared to welcome our third daughter in 2009.

With a nursing infant, a preschooler and a college student, I began to teach myself all things digital photography related and graphic design. In 2010, my portrait photography business including philanthropy and outreach, ‘My 3 Girls Photography’ was born. As my photography business flourished and grew more relevant within my community, serving hundreds of families, my family graciously agreed to the idea of opening an in-home portrait studio, which we launched in the fall of 2017.

While simultaneously running a portrait photography business, another soul-satisfying enterprise took hold of me. In 2016, I started yet another in-home venture, "The Hive: Summer Camp for Girls," an arts-centered, enrichment program for girls ages 7 and older. Our camp has grown exponentially over the past 4 summers. Beginning in February 2019, we expanded the all girls camp to include year round art activities within our in-home studio. This is an exciting time of growth for The Hive of Busy-Bee Girls!!

In 2018, I returned to those early days of selling vintage, antique collectibles by opening an Etsy shop, "Busy Bee by Barbara." I'm also branching out to include my hand-crafted watercolor/graphic design work through Etsy to create custom logo, branding work. I'm a calligrapher, hand-letterer and will create and design custom orders to fulfill. Just ask!

It’s an ever changing world and I’ve experienced many “growth spurts” over the past 17 years as a self-employed business owner driven by my heart of hearts for education and the arts. As of 2019 I have incorporated my multi-passions for art, teaching and working with children and portrait photography into one with the induction of ‘Barbara Liszcz Photography + ART.’ The year ahead is full of promise! My girls are happily thriving, my husband, Kurt and I celebrated 25 years together, and we are looking forward to many upcoming adventures. Thanks kindly for stopping by to learn more about me and this wonderful, wild, creative journey called Life. Wishing you ease and joy in your day. Ever onward.

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