How to Get the most out of your Family Portrait Session | Tips and Advice

With Mother's Day coming up in 2 weeks, and springtime family portraits just around the bend, I want to be certain that you have the very best experience possible.  I've put together some ideas and tips based on the many questions I've received from my client-friends over the years.  It's my hope that you'll take my words of advice into consideration before you invest in making and documenting lifelong memories to cherish.  So, let's dive in... 

1. Be well rested and fed

This is probably the most important couple of vital factors to take seriously if you want to have a successful photo shoot.  I cannot emphasize this one enough.  If the kiddos are cranky because their blood-sugar levels are low, there's bound to be tears, grumpy faces and tantrums.  This, in my experience, has been the number one surefire hit or miss for every family photo session I've ever had the honor of shooting.  When the family is hungry or missed their nap time, or both, everyone will end up stressed and miserable.  This does not make for great family photos, as you can imagine!  So, please, do yourself a favor and make certain everyone is well fed and well rested before your photos take place.  You'll thank me later... 

2.  Color coordinate your outfits

I took some time out this morning and used my daughter's brand new watercolor pencils to create a color wheel to share with you.  My advice to you on the most frequently asked question: "what should we wear?"  I believe choosing a color scheme (at least 3 colors you love) and then mix and match them up between all family members works great.  I also would recommend choosing complimentary colors [those are the colors directly opposite one another on the color wheel] and then mix and match those with an added neutral color [brown, black, white].  I'd avoid wardrobe pitfalls where the entire family wears white tops, khaki bottoms or blue jeans.  I've even done that for a large family group shot with my own family.  We can do better than this, my friends!!  I always (always!) tell my client-friends to dress comfortable, nothing too tight or snug where you find yourself constantly adjusting, fidgeting with your ensemble.  When you feel comfortable with what you are wearing, than that will reflect in your photos and you'll thank yourself later.        

3.  Relax and have fun!

This is the key to your successful family photos, in a nutshell!  Relax, breathe, and be prepared to have fun!!  Let your photographer lead you through the process, keep yourself open to the possibilities, play with your children and with your spouse, too!  It's okay, this isn't rocket science we're inventing.  This time together should not only be about documenting the moment, remembering how little your precious ones were, or how young you were also, but it should be about enjoying this moment in time, as well!  When you have fun at a photo session, get silly, sing (yes, well, that might be me doing the singing), dance and laugh, you're going to look back on those memories with even more fondness, with greater appreciation that you booked the session and made sure everyone was prepared for a successful day together.  Some of my favorite moments with my client-friends are the in-between-poses, when everyone is just a bit more relaxed, off their "guard," and my lens catches them in that candid frame.  That's the golden moment.  That's what I work towards.  So, have fun with it!!  You'll be grateful you did!!  :)      

image of me with my family by Lindsey McDonald (thank you, Lindsey!), 2014 

image of me with my family by Lindsey McDonald (thank you, Lindsey!), 2014 

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