Hello, June!

The sun came out to play on this beautiful June day!  We've been having a cool, rainy spring around these parts, so seeing our glorious star shining for us was a welcome sign that - maybe, just maybe - summer's on its way!  And we are ready for it!!  There's so many terrific things on the horizon for us this warm-weather season and I'm excited for it all!  I'm also relishing the last few days of school while I still have some quiet time to myself, because that's about to do a 180° on me!!  I'm going to try with all my might to get over here and keep up my blogging momentum throughout the summer; it's a goal I'm setting for myself.  

For now, summer portrait sessions have officially hit an all time high and I'm super excited for each and every one (I'm looking at you families, a childcare center, high school seniors, and a precious newborn baby photo session).  Sweetness!  I also have my 2nd year of Busy Bees Summer Camp for Girls beginning the end of June which runs for 5 nonconsecutive weeks throughout the summer.  The girls are all bubbling with anticipation for our fun, art-filled days together!  I cannot wait to get started with them!  But, I still have those lists to check off and supplies to order...  It's all coming together nicely.  

Anyhow, for now, we welcome the summer season, warmer weather, longer days, and prepare to close another successful school year.  Life's been good and I'm grateful for it all... 

The pool water warmed up today to 68°F!!!  The girls didn't mind one bit their blue, shivering lips and hot baths after pool time - they're just so happy to be swimming again!!!  :) 

I am "trying before buying" a 16-35mm Zeiss lens this weekend for a family session.  Of course, I was eager to run it through some tests to see how she handles.  I was pleased with the results!  I'm thinking... yea, this lens is going on my "wish list," and I'm looking forward to using it with some fast action hero kiddos, coming up!!!  

This lens also has macro style capabilities -- Wow, Yay!!  I had loads of fun testing it out today!  I posted more images on my Flickr page.  If you get a chance, do stop by:  I <3 Flickr!  

How's your summer shaping up?  What's new and coming up on your horizon?  Anything that has you in a sing-song mood?  Do your kids attend a summer camp?  Any vacation plans?  As always, I'd love to hear from you, my friends.  And whatever your summer plans may be, I hope they are super charged with fun, yet safe and filled with beauty!  :)