farmer's market

That time I told Lenny I loved him

While visiting our family in Miami, my sister said we just had to explore this local farmer's market filled with many goodies, treasures, a true taste of Miami.  Laura worked this market and is acquainted with many of the folks, plus she wanted to introduce us to her friends and colleagues.  We didn't realize this outdoor market was located in a more upscale part of Miami and as we made the drive there we admired the beautiful, somewhat elaborate, sprawling homes and the lush greenery and flowers!  Oh, the flowers!!  Little did I know that along with all the pleasant flavors, aromas, cuisine and delightful people, there was another surprise coming my way.    

The koi pond held so many fish of different colors and variations - a banquet of amazement for us to admire!   

After walking through the market, making our purchases of fresh smoothies, trinkets for the girls, and lunchtime sandwiches, and admiring, tasting all the offerings, we decided to exit and find a quiet spot to sit and lunch in the shade.  We fed the fish some popcorn, not too much though, just enough to watch them hungrily devour the treats.  I wanted to snap a pic of the front of Pinecrest Gardens welcoming area to post on my Instagram account, so I set to work on my documentary project. ;)  

Just after snapping a few pixels in front of this site, I turned around to look back towards the market.  My eye immediately took notice of a small entourage of men walking directly in front of me, chatting, enjoying the beautiful day in relaxed fashion.  I recognized the man in front, leading the other two quite large, muscular men.  I stood in awe, starstruck, unable to speak, as I watched artist, musician, actor, and designer, Lenny Kravitz cooly, ever so calmly, stride by me.  I could have reached out and touched him I was that close.  Funny thing is, just a week earlier I had watched his live interview with New York Times Talk design reporter, and learned more about this iconic man and his love of interior space, as I listened to him discuss his foray into architectural design.  Shazam!  I share this same appreciation for architectural design and took classes at one point in my life.  His charismatic warmth and tenderness along with his insightful cleverness had me hooked listening to him speak.  I thought I adored him before, but learned that I adore him even more so now!  

After Lenny and his bodyguards walked by, and was able to breathe again, I turned to my husband and exuberantly announced, "That was Lenny Kravitz!!!"  He didn't believe me, at first.  I kept insisting it was him!  He said, "Well, go see if you can get a picture of him!"  Should I?  Yes, you should!  Okay!!  I took off running in the direction Lenny walked.  I could hear my family chuckling behind me, and, well, I was so giddy, lighthearted it didn't matter!  I found Lenny just as he was climbing into the backseat of a 2 door sports car with heavily dark-tinted windows.  The larger bodyguard of the 2 was holding the seat up for him.  I was in earshot distance and not wanting to thoroughly disturb the guys Sunday outing, I said quietly, "Lenny."  Knowing that if my husband was correct they would not have responded to me.  That was not the case!  The burly bodyguard immediately shot me a look that said "Warning... Dangerous Territory! and Don't come any closer!"  I didn't move.  However, knowing it was indeed Lenny I proclaimed, "I love you!"  with a hand raised to wave at him.  He in turn waved back to me, with a smile in his voice and said to me, "Thank You!!"  

Now, you are really going to get a chuckle.  I turned around and ran back to my family and told them what happened, my camera firmly strapped around my body.  You got it.  Not one single frame was made, no photographic evidence whatsoever!  I am laughing at myself, believe me, and then kicking myself for not politely asking if I could get a photo with him.  He was so relaxed though, enjoying his day and the beautiful weather, that I didn't want to upset his privacy.  I have the memories imprinted on me, though, and I'll never forget the feeling of being in the wake of Lenny's sexy-cool-chill style that is his signature groove.  Wow, my friends!  What a magical day it was!!  Thank you, Universe, for the uplifting, joyous surprise!  Life is sweet!!   

This song is for my husband.  Kurt and I just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary and I feel like Mr. Kravitz created this song just for us ... because he's just that kind and, well, his mantra really is "let love rule."  

P.s.  Upon further investigation, I noticed Lenny posted on his Instagram feed (March 5, the same magical day) that he was "Backstage with George Clinton and Mudbone at the #PFunk show in Miami." At The Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater.  :))