Five for Friday

February has been anything but quiet around here.  This winter has been a buzz of activity, although, not as much in the physical sense as in business growth, personal projects and plans being made for the coming months ahead.  So many Amazingly Fun, Soul-Nourishing things are in the works as I stir my brewing wand over my calendar's cauldron!  But I would be remiss if I left out all the simple wonders of life's happenings lately, too.  The mundane, in my experience, is not completely mundane.  And if we look close enough, examine all the ways our lives are richly experienced and connected, take pause and realize the bountiful goodness we may at times take for granted, we will feel the undercurrent of gratitude, welling up within us.  I, for one, find that my blessings multiply when I take notice, or pause, and remember to believe in that tiny spark of a flame within that burns steadily.

So... onto my five for Friday.  Okay, well there's more than five frames total, but ... who's counting?!  I've been taking part in a personal Color Lover's project along with other photographers on Instagram.  The idea is to share an image each day with the particular color theme, focusing on daily colors throughout February. Monday – purple; Tuesday - yellow;  Wednesday - blue;  Thursday - red;  Friday - green;  Sat - pink;  Sun - orange.

The project is hosted by British filmmaker/photographer, Xanthe Berkeley and American photographer/writer, Andrea Jenkins.  I admire both of these talented, inspiring ladies.  And one can always use some color therapy during these cold, winter days of February.  Please join us if you are up for the fun too, and be sure to tag your IG images: #colorcolourlovers  There's so many wonderful images being shared!  Do check them out! 

I have been working hard behind the scenes on this year's Busy Bees Summer Camp for Girls.  We had such a fun success last summer with the girls!  I get the feeling this coming year is going to be even better!  The interest being expressed in our camp and the response has been absolutely wonderful!!  Summer with my Busy Bees is something I count as treasured days that leave my cup overflowing.   

My family and I helped celebrate my Mom-in-love's 87th birthday!  The girls made a (gluten-free)dark chocolate cake with chocolate icing to honor the occasion.  It was moist and scrumptious!!  We ordered in Chinese, a favorite for everyone.  We ate and laughed and after dinner Alanna put on a solo violin concert for all of us.  It was a special evening together honoring a most special lady.  We love you, Grandmom!

Speaking of special ladies, a Christmas gift from my own mother, a potted Amaryllis, a bulbous wonder has grown and grown and now blooms!  More flowers, amiright?!  Thanks, Mom!  We are all enjoying the beauty of this gorgeous plant.  It's so pretty, I had to take it outside to get a few pictures of it in the snow, before the winds kicked in and turned the snow crunchy, bitter cold.     

There's an artist's retreat called SQUAM on Lake Squam in Holderness, NH that I have wanted to attend for years now.  The timing was never quite right or there always seemed to be something in my way preventing me from attending.  When I noticed that this year will be their final, I looked into registering with more determination.  Alas, they were full/sold out.  I wrote and asked to be placed on the waiting list, on the off chance that someone might cancel and a spot would open.  This past week I got the *sparkle* email, with the fabulous news that indeed a spot did open!!  I went for it!!  (thanks wonderfully supportive husband-of-mine, for agreeing to be dad-on-duty for 4 full days - giving me this amazing gift of community, connection with artists from around the world.)  Happy dancing was in full swing around here this week!  The image above is from my visit to Embden Pond in Maine, and reminds me of the loons calling, the water lapping against the shoreline, and the absolutely beautiful sunrises/sunsets to come this September!!!  Peace, Love & Squam!  

Thanks, friends, for taking time out of your day to stop by and view and read and hear about my life.  Please, do tell, what's new with you?  Did you get a happy email this week?  Are there any blooms happening in your surroundings?  Are you busily planning for good things to come?  I'd love to hear from you!  Be well.  Hold that tiny spark brightly.