Five for Friday

I love this idea of posting my 5 favorite things from the past week.  Originally, Garden Betty passed along this inspiration to me.  And I thought, "hey, why not give it a go, too?!"  So, well, here we go!!  :) 

I have a small collection of orchid plants, which I adore!  All were gifted to me.  They haven't bloomed in over a year.  But, today, one very tiny bloom burst forth!  Flowers have the power of transformation, wonder and beauty.  I say, "More Flowers!!"  You with me?! 

To be fair - I'm a week late posting this one, but ... you all won't mind, I'm sure.  Last Wednesday, a new friend who feels like an "old" friend; someone I have known my whole life, visited with me and my Alanna (who was on homebound instruction for 3 weeks this January - but more on that later) for coffee, banana bread and uplifting conversation.  This kindred spirit is a hand-lettering artist (and so much more!).  I purchased a copy of her 11"x14" "Words of the Year 2017" print, which is a collective project of guiding words from all around the globe, and she delivered it to me beautifully packaged with personal touches!  Lizzy Spohr Russinko included the words Grow, Listen and Intention, my girls' words and my own, in her beautiful artwork.  I haven't purchased a frame for it, yet.  That's on my list.  Thank you, Lizzy.  Every time I look over this piece I find a new surprise, something to ponder and it brings me many smiles!!  

My youngest has been asking for a desk for her bedroom for ... what seems like a while now.  Okay, maybe more than a year.  Maybe two.  Ever since her big sister, Alanna inherited a desk from her great-grandmother, Emilia has been asking for one of her own.  This week I went to work.  I cleaned out toys, rearranged furniture, swept away the dust bunnies and organized a spot in my Emmy's room and resurrected, if you will, my own childhood desk that was patiently waiting its turn to be scrubbed clean and brought out of the dark basement for use... again.  My grandfather made this desk for me when I was roughly twelve.  I have carted this desk around with me to the many places I've lived over the years and I thank my Poppop for all the love he put into creating it for me.  I'm certain he'd be happy to see his great-granddaughter put the desk to use!  Emmy loved the surprise!!  She spends every available moment she can at work in her new favorite spot!  And her room is clean, for a brief moment.  So, of course, I had to take a photo as proof!  ;)   

I joined NAPCP (National Association of Professional Child Photographers) this week.  And... they accepted me!!  I have been in the business of photographing children for over 7 years now, so, I thought... yea, it's time to join up forces with this wonderful organization!  I'm interested to see how I can add something new to the mix of amazingly talented photographers there, too!  

News and updates on my Alanna are all positive and inspiring!  Alanna was on homebound instruction for 3 weeks in January due to her Crohn's disease.  She went back to school a week earlier than anticipated #1) because she was feeling better, stronger since her 1st treatment at CHOP and #2) because she missed her friends and teachers!  We have noticed great improvement in her (and especially now that she's back with her beloved pals at school) - so much so that I almost forgot what she was like before she became sick!  She still has that quick, dry wit that is signature Alanna, but... the child is singing again!  She's singing like she used to do!!  We tend to sing a lot around here, and make up our own songs just for the shear joy of it!!  My momma heart is SO incredibly full to see Alanna's energy returning to her.  Blessings are overflowing right now and the many prayers are being answered.  Glory be to God, she's singing!!!  

And thanks, Gramma for the comics!!!  Alanna loves them!  :)  

Here's wishing you a happy weekend ahead!  I think we'll start working on Valentine's Day cards!!  Thanks for stopping by, my friends!!!  Peace be yours.