Mini Sessions

Sunny Sunflowers

Nothing quite says "summer" the way sunflowers do.  And we're in plentiful hands this summertime!  The sunflower patch I planted almost 7 weeks ago is about to bud!  After my struggles with the rabbits, affectionately now named, Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter (whom I'm constantly scolding for losing his jacket!), the sunflowers have bounced back!  It's a race to see which one will bloom first and which one will grow the tallest.  So far, the Lemon Queen variety is in the lead, with the Autumn Beauty trailing far behind!  These are fun times in the garden.  I'm easily amused, can you tell? 

family and child photographer (c) My 3 Girls Photography
family and child photographer (c) My 3 Girls Photography

My home gardens are blooming all over the place!  I love this time of year when everything is full of life!!  I'm inviting you to join me for Sunflower Summer Portrait Sessions in the evenings during the next few weeks in my gardens!  I'll post more about it and examples on my Instagram feed.  Won't you join me?  The kids will especially love this time with you!!  There's lots to explore!    

family and child photographer (c) My 3 Girls Photography

The Sunflower Sessions at my home studio will be #1) evening appointments only, preferably beginning just before sunset for that warm, golden light.  They will be #2) 15 to 30 minutes in length and #3) five to ten images with download capabilities to share and print for personal use only.  Contact me for more information and specifics on package details.  Email is best:

family and child photographer (c) My 3 Girls Photography

In other news... say "hi" to my new friend.  I'm not sure what to call her/him?  Can you help me out, friends?  Is this a katydid, cricket or grasshopper?  Or all of the above?!  Here's another look on my Flickr stream --> click here <--  

Fancy fella, if you ask me...

family and child photographer (c) My 3 Girls Photography

It's been an amazing summer so far.  We've had many memorable visits with family and friends, far and near.  I am working on a summer round-up of photos to share with you.  My Busy Bee Girls will be joining me come Monday for 4 full weeks of giggly silliness, loads of art projects, a play performance of the Aristocats, and lots of mermaid time in the pool!!  I love summertime!  

I couldn't remember if I'd shared a photo of my home studio sign by our mailbox or not.  The zinnias I planted are beginning to bloom and the nasturtiums - hiding behind the flourishing chrysanthemums - are preparing to take over the sign.  Now you know where I am, come see me!

How's your summer been?!  What's popping up in your garden?!  I do hope you are enjoying your summer to the fullest!  Savor every moment.  :)

Barbara Liszcz Portrait Photographer Berks County Pennsylvania

For the Love of Families

We are finally feeling a bit of that fall magic here in southeastern Pennsylvania.  The summer weather seems to be yielding somewhat to autumn, but not fully... yet.  This is the time of year when our thoughts turn towards colorful, crunchy leaves; carved pumpkin delight; anything and everything apple; harvest time and baking (or canning); Halloween costumes; cozy mugs of hot herbal tea AND family portraits!  

If you are unable to make it to my Studio Kickoff Event with Holiday Portraits, than I've got the next best alternative for you and your family:
On-location Mini-Portrait Sessions at either Poole Forge or Springton Manor Farm on November 10, 11 & 12.  This is another exclusive offer designed For the Love of Families!! 

Details are as follows:

Fall Mini Sessions 2017 for BLOG.jpg

Friday, November 10 will be held at Poole Forge from 2 - 4pm (for golden hour sessions)
Saturday, November 11 will be held at Springton Manor Farm from 11am - 3pm
Sunday, November 12 will be held at both locations:
2 sessions at Springton Manor Farm 1 & 2pm
2 sessions at Poole Forge 10 & 11am

I've compiled 3 packages especially for you and your family's needs.  To book a family session, please contact me with your preferred date/time/location and package choice.  These won't last long!  Portrait appointments will remain open until all the times are filled, so, it's first booked, first choice!  I look forward to hearing from you and for this time together preserving your family moments in personal imagery, to last a lifetime...  

Fall Minis 2017 My 3 Girls Photography.jpg

See you soon, friends!!! 

A Portrait Studio for My 3 Girls Photography ~ Special Announcement ~

Nearing eight years at this point in my portrait photography career.  Did I ever envision myself saying those exact words?!  Not a chance!  But... here we are.  When I turned the calendar on year seven, I silently thought, "uh oh... should I be nervous about experiencing a 'seven-year-itch?!'"  No.  No.  Not at all.  Well, I wish I were completely confident in saying that I wasn't nervous at that thought.  And then I remembered somebody saying that every seven years our body chemistry (to some form of degree) goes through changes.  Huh.  Okay then.  I'm starting to see a correlation here.  I've felt restless for some time now, wanting to expand my photography offerings by opening a portrait studio.  A place that is well lit with natural light, where I can create in a more climate-controlled environment, and that is beautiful to me.  I looked around for a while, imagining myself opening a Main Street style studio.  But it didn't seem to fit for me.  And then one day it dawned on me (the "Light Bulb Moment" when God whispers in your ear) - Hey, why not open an in-home studio and just see if it's a good fit -- for me, my family and my client-friends.  I talked it over with my family and they were on board from my initial pitch!  They truly are that good to me.  They have more confidence in me than I have in myself.  

So...  here we are almost 2 months into the planning stages of rearranging, purging/cleaning out, painting, prepping our home for the S T U D I O space!!!  Gah!!!  I'm beyond excited to announce this to you... 

I am opening an in-home portrait studio!!!  Did I just say that out loud?!!!  Yes.  Yes, I did!  :) 

20171001-DSC02171 graphic for blog.jpg

I'd like to present to you, my Opening Weekend Studio Kickoff Event with Holiday Portraits!!  Happening Saturday & Sunday, November 4 & 5 from 1pm - 6pm.  I'm taking 15 minute sittings, every half hour.  There will be door prizes (some incredible goodies to giveaway!), light refreshments, and lots of FUN!  There's a $35 minimum print order due at the time of your gallery reveal appointment, which will be within 1 - 2 weeks of your portrait date.  Simple as that.  Gather up the family, come out to see the new studio space, get a few images made with yours truly, have some fun and laughs, then you're on your way!  You'll book a separate appointment to come back to view your gallery and make your print selections, design holiday greeting cards, etc.  and everything will be delivered to your doorstep within 3 days.   

I enlisted my precious models to help me with some ideas I had to shoot in the studio, and they came through like champs for me!  This is the backdrop I will have set up for the Kickoff weekend event!  I'm thinking festive holiday scene for you!    

A & E studio shoot oct 2017 Storyboard.jpg

The girls even posed for me later that night, in their PJs just before bed.  I am loving this light too!  

Lucy, our cat, even got in on the action! 

I'm looking forward to hearing from you with your preferred date/time to reserve your mini-portrait session at the Studio!  I still can't believe I'm announcing this and am moving ahead with this dream come true.  It promises to be *merry* fun for all!  Thank you for continuing to support the arts and your local photographers, like me!  

Signature for Blog.png

My 3 Girls Photography is located at 322 Westley Road, Mohnton, PA 19540
To call: 610.856.1783
To text: 484.769.2520


P.s.  please email me: to reserve your studio mini session today!  Thank YOU!