Five for Friday

Love is in the air!  Valentine's Day is a weeklong, flurry of activity, especially for those with children in the midst.  We made cards last weekend - that, my friends, is a creative labor of love, something I have fun with and the girls do, too.  But, maybe, just maybe, I might have a teeny-tiny bit more fun with it than they do.  Don't quote me on that, though.  There were parties to attend, treats to give, hearts and flowers.      

The girls decorated this window thanks to our generous gifts of love from my sister-in-love.  Many thanks, Aunt Jeri!  xo

I always tell him "not to spend any money on me!"  Thankfully, he doesn't listen well.  He brought me tulips - my favorite flower.  23 years together and he still finds ways to bring out his romantic heart.  My Valentine is a keeper.     

She left me a scavenger hunt of love notes to discover throughout the house.  Each note had a clue to find the next.  She's just about the sweetest kid, ever.  My funny Valentine.  And another keeper.  

Oh.  man.  We are in deep now, friends.  These arrived this week.  Yes.  You guessed it - we are Disney bound!  It's really going to happen!  Bring on the magic and the fun!!!  For as many times as I've been fortunate to visit Disney, this is the first time we are doing it with this much pizazz - and thoughtful planning!  Not 'winging it' this time around!    

More excitement!!!  Signs of spring are sprouting up in our yard!  YAY!  After Valentine's Day is over, I say it's time for spring.  Are you with me?  We really can't complain about our mild winter this year.  We only had like two decent snows (so far) - and I don't intend to jinx our spring break in April.  For once, in as long as I can remember, we may actually get to enjoy a full break, without having to trade break days for "snow days."  Can it be?  I'm so ready for spring!!  Mild days are ahead and that means spring cleaning in the gardens.  Fingers crossed I didn't just speak too soon.  Here's to knocking on wood and all that jazz.  :) 

How was your week?  Did you have a special surprise on Valentine's Day?  Love notes, chocolates, flowers?  I'd love to hear from you.  What's sprouting in your area?  Wishing you a happy weekend ahead!  Thank you for taking time to visit me today.  Let's all think Spring!!! 

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