Favorite Seven

once upon a february morning

We’ve had a couple of snow days, cancelling school, over the past few weeks now. Pretty par for course, I realize, however, I’m truly hoping the winter weather will begin to melt into spring, sooner rather than later. I do love living in an area of the country where we fully experience all four seasons. I wouldn’t know how to act otherwise!

The girls had a 2 hour delayed start to school this morning - I sincerely love those late starts, don’t you? For all the extra time it seems to give us it’s inevitable that we somehow still manage to rush about in a wild tizzy, hopping to get boots and coats and book bags on before rushing out the door! I followed Emilia out to the bus so that I could clean my car off and get it warmed up for a head shot appointment with business clients and immediately was distracted by all the frozen beauty around us!

”Wait! I gotta go back in and grab my camera, Em!”

The sun was just coming up over the trees in the back yard and the light was bouncing, sparkling, turning everything into a winter wonderland of icy contrasts. Plus, it was beginning to melt quickly - so my time was shortened even more so! The ice was sliding off the trees and branches were loudly shaking off the cold. It was wonderful!

february 21 2019-1.jpg
february 21 2019-4.jpg
february 21 2019-7.jpg
february 21 2019-6.jpg
february 21 2019-5.jpg
february 21 2019-2.jpg
february 21 2019-3.jpg

As lovely and magical as it was, I’ll be happy to convert our back deck from the current wood stacked, sled stacked, snow shovels stacked into our summer lounging area… once again.

Enjoy your day, friends! Just 25 days until the spring equinox for us! Stay warm!! Thanks for keeping me inspired to grab my ol’ trusty friend to share with you. :) Be well. xo

With warm gratitude, Barb