There's a Buzz in my Ear

Last week we were experiencing negative temperatures as the polar vortex pressed down hard on us, leaving us with crunchy, hard snow, constant fires in the wood stove and 2 full days of school closures. Today, the sun is shining, my office window is open and I can hear a buzzing sound from a pesky fly in my ear just feet away. Crazy northeast weather, I suppose. I’ll gladly take this little teaser from Mother Nature, though, and am not complaining. Anytime I can turn the heater off and open windows and hear nature, however pesky it might be, more clearly is a good day.

Lately, we’ve had some Ah-mazing setting skies! I count them as good days, too! This one was from the weekend… and the colors were breathtaking! My iPhone 8 camera is pretty dang sweet, if I say so myself.

Sunset February 2

The girls’ school district originally sent out a 2-hour delayed start notice on Thursday. So, we all slept in a bit, and leisurely got ready for the day. How nice those delayed starts are, don’t you agree?! I much prefer that instead of the usual rush-rush, hustle-bustle mornings. I hadn’t checked my email yet that morning, so by the time I did and learned of the change in plans that the girls now had the whole day off, they were all set to go. I played it all serious faced and said to each one separately (with camera set to shutter their reactions), “I have to tell you something and I don’t want you to get upset, … (insert dramatic pause) … but… school is closed today.” HA! Worked like a charm! :) They totally weren’t expecting that one. High five, mommas!!


Contrary to what you might believe based on their reactions from my “Gotcha” moment, these girls LOVE school!! They love their friends, their teachers, the structure and gathering new knowledge. I’ve often asked if I could homeschool them, but they won’t have it. They kept themselves busy creating during their days off and made these puppets to act out new plays with! Emilia has discovered the incredible benefits of hot glue guns, along with the cons of unfavorable blisters. ugh. These puppets were worth it, wouldn’t you agree?!

Sophie and Annie the puppets

This past weekend we celebrated Kurt’s mom, Dorothy’s (aka Grandmom), 89th birthday!! She’s been living in assisted care for over a year and our visits with her are getting more and more difficult, as her mind slowly fades away to the horrible disease of dementia. We had a nice visit with her on Sunday. There was a musician playing his acoustic guitar and singing some of our favorites to the residents. He even personally serenaded Dorothy with “Happy Birthday!” as we all sang along. It was a sweet treat with our beloved Mom/Grandmom. We are so thankful to have her and for the million ways she continues to bless us, daily. She’s a Peach.

The girls with Grandmom Celebrating 89 birthdays

What’s been happening in your corner of the universe? How’s your weather? I’m thankful you took the time to stop by and for your friendship. :) Happy February to you!! Wishing you ease and joy in all of your days. xo

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