Back-to-School Portraits for the Kiddos

We've been back to school now for 2 weeks.  Routine is beginning to settle in for us, and all the school supplies, along with the heaping mounds of paperwork to fill out and send in, have been replenished.  It's an exciting time for the kids, and it's not wasted on my own girls.  They both seem so enthusiastic to be back in school, thriving with their new teachers and assignments, and that makes me happy.  I am a proud mom and miss their faces all day long.  So, come picture day, they already know that I'm going to request (insist?) making portraits of them.  I have them conditioned like that.  ;)  And, well, usually they cooperate...  But, not always.  The struggle is real for this photographer mom.  I suppose I've worn out my welcome pointing the camera in their direction.  I hope they'll forgive me... one day.

School Portraits (c) My 3 Girls Photography

I'm hosting School Portraits for the month of September in my studio.  There's no minimum purchase and no sitting fee.  There is, however, an added print credit bonus for the parents who willingly sign a model release waiver.  If you are a parent, like me, who prefers a natural light, natural smile, and all around fine art appeal to your child's school portrait than by all means get in contact to schedule your 5 minute portrait date.  I'd love to welcome you and your kiddos to my studio.  An after school snack of chocolate chip cookies is fresh and waiting for you!  See you soon, friends! 

Barbara Liszcz of My 3 Girls Photography

P.s.  Once you contact Barb (via email: to set up a date, an order form will be emailed to you.  All orders must be placed within 7 days of viewing your online proofing gallery of up to 2 images per child.  Prints and other photo merchandise are delivered directly to your doorstep/mailbox.  Thank you!  And have a wonderful school year!!!