Christmas + New Year's Day : Scenes

These past couple of weeks have been so amazing, so full of love and light, and celebratory!!! The girls winter break has flown by much too quickly for my liking.  Can't we have at least 2 full weeks?!  Who's with me?!  We've relaxed, and recharged our batteries all while having a bundle of fun together!  We've watched holiday movies, played games, ate delicious treats and had wonderful visits with friends and family.  The hubby and I revisited an all-time favorite, The Lord of the Rings movie marathon which includes at least 3 late nights together, where we compete to see who can quote more accurately from the movie (I think he won - this time!).  We found time to lounge and read and read some more.  I love breaks like this, don't you?!      

We made our traditional hike at Nolde Forest State Park today, New Year's Day -- all 20 minutes of it until our faces, fingers and toes froze in 16°F weather!  Crazy bitter cold!!  But we did it!  Now 2018 can begin!  

I've compiled some scenes from these past few weeks to share with you.  I hope you've enjoyed your holidays as much as we have!!  

Cheers to the New Year upon us!!  2018 here we come!  Much love to all!!!


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