I believe Magic does happen

When in the throws of life, the day in and day out, all the repetitively natural reflexes and inherent motions we go through, we don't usually find time to take a breather and look with reflective "goggles" at all the magic that is clearly happening at the tip of our noses!  At the end of each school year seems like one such perfect time to take stock, look back at the current school year coming to an end and realize what amazing things actually occurred.  And amazing, magical things have transformed our lives this past year!  I'm a bit overwhelmed by it all...  

My girls were both sad this morning, knowing it was the last day of school.  Say wha?  They LOVE school -- even when they complain and make statements to the contrary, they thrive within the classroom, with their friends, and with their brilliant teachers.  Our girls are fortunate to have some of the best, most creative, talented teachers.  We are all grateful for their tireless dedication, hard work and the ability to bring out the best in all the kids, helping them to grow and stretch their own gifts that much farther, expanding their worlds.  

To get this shot below I had to do some major prodding and gleeful cheering!!!  C'mon girls!!  Work with me here!!  1, 2, 3, jump!  Happy Summer!!!  

(L) First day of school, August 2016, Alanna {5th grade} and Emilia {2nd grade}.  (R) Today, last day of school!  Wow!!  Am I right?!!  You see it too?!  I'm crying over here... whaaaa... my babies! 

Alanna has gone through so much this past year while battling Crohn's disease and is now successfully in remission.  This disease wreaks the worst kind of havoc on anyone effected by it, but most especially children.  Bluntly speaking - it sucks!  It sucks the joy out; the healthy growth; the energy and strength.  Watching Alanna get on the bus carrying her violin case and backpack at the beginning of the year was painful for us, her parents, as she struggled to get up the steps - the bus driver would have to help her by holding her violin.  Breaking my heart in a thousand pieces!!  These past few months though, as she regained her strength and vitality, she easily climbed up the steps taking each one without blinking while carrying her violin!  We couldn't be happier for our precious Alanna's renewed health and vibrant glow (and the rosy cheeks have returned!!).  We have the pediatric GI doctors at CHOP, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, to thank (an amazing team of professionals).  I'm convinced our greatest wealth in life is our health.  I will never again take my childrens' health for granted, ever.   

I am me.
I am calm, thoughtful and cheerful.
I wonder why the world is so cruel.
I hear books flapping around me, the sound of splattered ink.
I see the wrinkled pages. 
I want books on my shelf.

I am calm, thoughtful and cheerful.
I pretend I have imaginary friends.
I feel a cloak, wand and glasses. 
I laugh at Luna trying to eat my hair.
I worry I will never write.

I am calm, thoughtful and cheerful.
I understand, that I need to help everyone.
I believe Magic Does Happen
I try my best at things. 
I hope I can become a writer. 
I am calm, thoughtful and cheerful. 

by Alanna (age 11)

The last assignment for the year in her language arts class is a memoir project.  She put together different pieces of writing about her life - such as the day she was born, where her name came from, stories, 10 bits of advice, and more.  Plus, this poem titled, "I am me."  She, as many of you already know, is a Huge Harry Potter fan and she dedicated her project:  "This memoir is dedicated to all my friends & family who have shown me what type of person I am. And to my idol, J.K. Rowling, for opening so many doors for me!"  What a kid, I tell ya!!  So Super proud of her!!! 

Emilia, 8, finished up her 2nd grade year with a wonderful group of friends under the caring guidance of this ever-so-patient, loving, super creative, Wonder Woman of a teacher, Mrs. Herbine.  She had a "Beach Party" today as their final day of fun together!  We can't sing Missy's praises enough (and notice her t-shirt - she's a keeper!)!!  She helped Emilia (who tends to be unorganized, unfocused, artsy type of kid - reminds me so much of another precious someone I know very well - she could also be her twin!) grow and blossom a great deal this year!!  We love you, Mrs. Herbine!  We will miss you, but wish you a terrific summer of relaxing fun!!!  And, yes, we'll keep up our reading and chore chart throughout the summer! ;)  xoxo  

With all this growth, healing and stretching of the school muscles we welcome our summer vacation!  I'm so proud of my girls and know they will continue to do amazing things and keep on growing and changing.  But, just for this moment, it's especially wonderful for me, the momma, to reflect on all the incredible changes, and to celebrate all the challenges we've faced together as a family this past school year as well.  My heart is full of gratitude.  And I do believe... it's been magical

Happy S U M M E R to all!!