It's Your Day, Chelsea!

May is a popular birthday month in our family!  There's another birthday to commemorate.  My strong-willed, free-spirited, smart-as-a-tack, fun-loving, courageous, adventurous, brilliant, beautiful daughter, Chelsea celebrates 27 spins around our sun!  27?!!  How'd that happen so fast?  I pulled out the photo albums to scan in some "ancient" documents to surprise her with, and noticed a few things about our life.  First, I noticed I don't have very many photos of just the two of us together!  We need to work on that, Chels.  Another thing I noticed is that you have always been a light in my life and I had a constant smile on my face looking through our shared memories.  I hope these images bring you big smiles and maybe a few laughs!!

chelsea's birthday 2017

Mother's Day 2017; photo credit: Alanna. silly faces extraordinaire... 

the scary worm picture. ;)-

Mother's Day 2017 - the girls with Grandmom Dorothy <3 Aww!  I adore these faces!! 

We were so young. You were just a couple of days new to the world here, honey.  My precious bundle of baby joy.

Play time!! 

From your baptism celebration.  You were 5 months old.  Something certainly caught your eye!  Was it a dog or cat?  I wouldn't doubt it.  ;)  

Us, Mother's Day 2017 -- thank you for asking for a photo with me!!  See, we're remedying the gap in photos of us already!  Made my day having you home and for the photo op! (Thanks to Alanna for snapping this one of us!) :)

My 3 girls all together again!  You are all so incredibly amazing to me.  I'm forever grateful to be your momma.  How'd I get so lucky?!!!  May angels always watch over you, guide you and protect you. 

Your sisters adore you, Chelsea and send their Birthday wishes your way, too!!  

You loved to dance with me to this song when you were a toddler!  I'll always think of you when I hear this tune.  And it makes me smile, yet again.

Remember the post I did for you five years ago?  Well, if not, or you just want a refresher, here's the link to view:  Hey, Hey, Chelsea, It's Your Day...  You've come a long way, baby!!  A college graduate, living independently and making your way in the world.  I continue to hope all great things for you and always will, my love.  I want you to know I'm hugely proud of the woman you have become and I'm eager to see where your path will lead you.  You have one of the BIGGEST HEARTS I have ever had the privilege of knowing, let alone loving.  You and your sisters are God's greatest gifts to me.  

Happy birthday, Chelsea!!!  May all your heart's desires be yours.  

I love you.  

Always,  Mom

“The greatest purpose in life, the greatest achievement one could ever have in life,the greatest satisfaction one could ever get in life can only be found in the service of others.” 
            ~ Omoakhuana Anthonia ~  

P.s. I scanned the printed photos (#4, 5, 6) in using a regular inkjet printer and made some minor touch-ups in photoshop to clean up the images.  I am unsure of the photographers in those, wanting to give full credit, I apologize.  They were made by family and friends.  If you provided a photo in this mix, thank you!!  :)