Bedroom Makeover for Alanna

We had a birthday this month!!  Try as we may to keep it low-key, 'uncelebratory' since the birthday girl had her big summer party to celebrate 11 3/4, we ended up having a snowy slumber party with six of her best friends !  Although, gifts were discouraged from the party-goers, after all the party itself was gift enough and most all had already extended generous presents to our Alanna in the summer, Kurt and I did concede to her requests for a birthday gift room makeover.  It was time.  Her pretty pink walls just don't quite fit her twelve-year-old tastes any longer.  I had painted the room for her when she was a toddler!  This time around it would be up to Alanna to help make the choices as far as color, design and artwork and all the tiny necessary details.  So... we set out on our quest to makeover Alanna's room.  Mission accomplished!

The pink walls in the Before panoramic photo:    


And ... drum roll please ... After:

Alanna's Bedroom Makeover 12.29.17-1.jpg

Alanna picked most everything out.  One of the exceptions is the 2018 Strong is the New Pretty wall calendar by Kate T. Parker, a photographer whose vision and work I fiercely admire.  I picked that up at Barnes & Noble during our recent book browsing afternoon adventure.  Score!    

Alanna's Bedroom Makeover 12.29.17-2.jpg
Alanna's Bedroom Makeover 12.29.17-4.jpg
Alanna's Bedroom Makeover 12.29.17-3.jpg
Alanna's Bedroom Makeover 12.29.17-6.jpg

The space in Alanna's cozy room is at a premium.  Her dresser and clothes are housed inside her closet.  A little trick for those with small spaces to remember.  I'd probably take the doors off completely and put up some sheer curtains in place of the doors if it hadn't been for the fresh coat of paint and new door handles that the hubby recently invested.  We'll keep them... for now.  

Alanna's Bedroom Makeover 12.29.17-5.jpg
Alanna's Bedroom Makeover 12.29.17-12.jpg

The jewelry hanger, round (foldable) chair, and plush snowy owl were all gifts.  So was the antique style desk from Alanna's great-grandmother, Anna.  It was my grandmother's desk as a girl and had been restored, refinished by my grandfather in the early 90s.  It is a treasure and fits so well in Alanna's room.  She loves it, too, especially since it has a key to lock entry and keep little sisters out.   

Alanna's Bedroom Makeover 12.29.17-9.jpg
Alanna's Bedroom Makeover 12.29.17-8.jpg
Alanna's Bedroom Makeover 12.29.17-14.jpg

Alanna loves her bedroom makeover - as you can probably tell.  I can't even believe she's 12 already.  Alanna has started a blog (It's still in its rough form and I'm sure will undergo many changes).  If you'd like to check it out, click on this link:  Glory's World .  It would give her a terrific thrill if you would leave her a comment and help encourage her along in her writing. 

Thanks for stopping by to take a peek inside Alanna's bedroom and the makeover we've been working on for these past many weeks.  It took us longer than anticipated to complete, but I think it was worth every effort involved.  

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