testing, one two

This is a test run!  If you are reading this, than I've successfully moved your email subscriptions over to my new blog site and will begin receiving all blog postings as they are published!  Please forgive my enthusiasm.  I am SO technologically challenged sometimes and I spend hours attempting to figure these things out!!  Yes, you read that correctly - Hours!  HA!  (:

A new year and all the traditions have been fulfilled!  My family's New Year's Day hike and, yes, I've chosen my word for 2017.  Sometimes I wonder if I should blurt it out or keep it silently to myself.  I like to share though, with my readers and viewers, with hopes of passing along the inspiration.  Since I do so appreciate the inspiration of others, and you.  So, I'll share and would love to hear your word for 2017!  

My word last year was Forgiveness.  There was a lot of work to do in that department, both forgiving myself and loved ones.  It's not an easy process, and I'm a pretty forgiving person naturally.  The work is a continuation.  And so are my prayers.  

My word for 2017 is Intention.  I begin meditating on the "just-right" word that will help guide me throughout the year around the end of December.  I don't force it.  I just pay close attention to the cues the Universe sends my way.  I listen for the word.  I search my goals and the goals I have for my family.  I play with words.  I read them.  I doodle them.  I talk about them.  I'm a word hound!  (ha!)  The visualization makes me chuckle.  

This year I asked my girls what word they would choose for themselves, a guiding star, a mantra of sorts.  Something they want to train their focus on possibly.  Something they want to manifest in their lives.  They both played along, cheerfully!  Alanna's word (gulp, it brings tears to these momma eyes) is Grow.  And Emilia's word (her teacher will especially appreciate this one!) is Listen.  Right good show, I'd say.  They got the gist! 

2017 Word of the Year (c)My3GirlsPhotography-4.jpg

I'd love to hear your New Year's traditions.  Do you choose a new word each new year to set about your own Intentions?  I'm ready to be intentional and have goals set for myself, my business and my family.  And away we go!  Here's to us, friends, with love and intention!