Eleven Birthdays

December is full on, chocked full of celebrations!  Not only do we have the traditional holidays to plan for, bake for, host for, and plan some more for, we also have a birthday to commemorate!  Our Alanna celebrates #11 this year!  Eleven?  How does this happen so quickly, friends?  It's truly amazing to watch her grow, change and evolve into her self.  She's a voracious reader who has become obsessed with J.K.Rowling's Harry Potter and all creatures Fantastic!  She's also one of the most caring, humble and sweetest people I have ever known, a natural empath.  She also has a quick, dry wit about her, that I completely adore!  

Her tenth year was quite the poking, prodding one, as we ever diligently sought out doctors and specialists to help us understand why she was not growing properly, stunted.  After many months we finally found the culprit - Crohn's disease.  I never knew how important our colons are until this past year.  Now I've come to understand the colon is just about the wisest organ in the human body!  Seriously amazed!  We took a different approach to her healing - rejecting the medicine that could make her health worse - and are instead using diet + supplements as her healing process, and after many months of this, she is healing.  God is good.  My husband and I are deeply indebted to the amazing work that our Holistic Health Coach, Mrs. Mauree Kai does and if I could, I'd kiss her feet!!  I am an eternally grateful momma. 

So... to start off her 11th year celebrations, Emilia and I surprised Alanna with breakfast in bed, handmade cards, and a special gift, before heading off to school. 

After school, it was time for dinner and games with all 3 of my girls - Chelsea's home from Texas this week for Alanna's birthday - at The Works!  It should be noted that Alanna baked (gluten-free) cupcakes the night before her birthday to treat her teachers and classmates to - everyone loved them!  They had lightning bolts (signature of Harry Potter) specially created in Hogwart's honor!  ;) 

Friday night we had a birthday party at Alanna's great-grandmother's home with many beloved family members gathered.  It was a night of laughter and delicious treats and more special gifts!  Kurt and I gave Alanna her "Big" gift this night.  :)) Yay, she loved it! 

Hey, Hey, the gang's all here!  Thanks to everyone that helped to make Alanna's 11th birthday additionally wonderful and special!!  We are thankful for you all!  And here's to a health-filled, naturally healing, adventurous, fun year ahead!  So proud of you, Alanna and all the hard work you've had to endure to smile, again!  That's my girl.  Happy 11th Birthday to you!