Hearth & Home Family Portrait Sessions

It's that time of year when we wrap up 2016 with the festive holiday season!  I do love this fun-filled, reflective time of year:  the traditions - old and new; our family time; the delicious food; the colorful decorations; the cookie baking; my grandmother's nativity scene; the stories to read aloud; the tree!  And, I can't forget the music!  I suppose we're giving the elf-on-a-shelf a try this year, our first year for it.  Although, we're calling them "Kindness Elves."  If you have any good suggestions, please let me know, since I have no idea what I'm getting myself into.  ;) My Alanna has been asking for an elf for years - I give in.  The things we do for the ones we love!!  :) 

Speaking of love!  I have some for you, my friends!  Have you been wanting to have portraits done with the family around the tree and/or mantle place and include the dog or cat (or both!), or maybe with the extended family that will be visiting this year?!  Than I have you covered on all fronts!  I'm calling it -- family mini-mini portrait sessions with an added bonus!  There's a charitable part to make you smile also!   

Once your session is finished and on the books, I'll be donating 20% of the total proceeds (from online gallery print sales, plus session fee) to our local friends in need this holiday:  Mary's Shelter, Greater Berks County Food Bank, and Opportunity House.  I hope this makes you as happy as it does me. The monetary donations will be made in your honor as my gift of gratitude. 

Here's one more idea for you to consider!!  Looking to cut your own fresh Christmas tree and plan to bring the family outdoors for the event?  Visit my neighbor's tree farm, Sigfried Home Farm and I'll meet you there for portraits and hot cocoa!  This is their second year at tree farming an 80+ year old tree farm and they certainly have made it look easy as pie!  Their farm is absolutely beautiful - we are grateful to them for keeping the open spaces and continuing to grow traditions surrounding love & light!!  Warmest gratitude for you, Tracey & Simon & boys!   

Please take a look below at all the details and then contact me via email: my3girlsphotography@gmail.com or call/text 484.769.2520 to schedule your Hearth & Home portrait session!  Special offer is only valid until December 31, 2016.  I look forward to seeing all of you this holiday season!