Family Photography Sessions Fall 2016

My friends, I don’t know about you but life seems to be full-speed-ahead lately and there’s no time to dream, or take a nap, or take a break, or take time out for coffee with a friend, or … fill in the blank!  You with me?!  This, coupled with what I am referring to as “Election Season Blues Syndrome” or ESBS, has got me in such a funk.  This cannot be healthy.   Well, I’m shaking it off (just like Taylor Swift sings!).  I’m firmly taking a hold of my present, turning off the screens and relearning to appreciate this magnificent fall BEAUTY that is in full glory!  Have you all noticed too?!  Goodness, the colors are Amazing this year!!  Is it because of the crazy weather - warm, hot, warm, cold, hot, cold, hot… Or, is it Mother Nature screaming at us to look up, get outdoors and enJOY her gloriousness?  Could be a combination of both.  

If you are experiencing ESBS, my friends, you are not alone.  If you pay an ounce of attention to what’s going on in American politics right now, you are feeling its effects, too.  This is no fun.  And I like fun!  And I know you do too!  So, let’s break out of these doldrums together for an afternoon of photography fun!!  What do you say?  Just like the passage of ESBS - and it will pass (thank God!) - time is passing us by, too.  I still have a few open dates just waiting for you to book with me.  I have some additional goodies to offer also. . . 

If you are past client-friend of mine, I am extending an additional print credit of $25.  And, for all, my regularly priced family portrait session has been reduced by 25%!  I know you’ve heard me say it before - the autumnal light, as the fall colors turn, bounce and play all around you and your family, fall season is prime time for outdoor photo sessions!!  Don’t miss out.  Let’s have some FUN together!!!  

Contact me today to find out available dates, times, package details and location ideas.  I hope to see y’all soon!!